Amish book author Reynold Kremer provides his insights and thoughts on the Amish, Mennonite, and Hutterite community.


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Amish Insights by Reynold R. Kremer

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Bible Study Meditations


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50 Bible Meditations on the Famous, Not So Famous, and Infamous


Bible Study Meditations

Kremer Publications has added a new product to this already popular 110 page "Real People" paperback book by Reynold Kremer. Now each of the 50 Bible study meditations includes a deeper insight into the session theme. Discussion questions and cross reference Bible passages lead the reader to a greater appreciation of the subject.

"Real People" is $10.99 for 10 copies or less and $9.99 for more than 10 copies. Excellent for adult or teen Bible study groups and for use in the classroom.

The study guide is included free of charge for more than 10 books and is $15.99 when ordered with 10 books or less.

To preview a sample study guide page, click here >

For more information on "Real People" by Reynold R. Kremer, or to order, click here >

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