"Apostles of Jesus Christ - Men on a Mission" Group Bible Class


  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Manufactured by: Kremer Resources LLC

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This Apostles of Jesus Christ group Bible class takes a fascinating look into the personalities, words, and lives of the twelve apostles.  From their calling into the ministry, to their time spent with Jesus, to their spreading of the Gospel for the infant Christian church, this study provides insight into the weaknesses and failures of these men, as well as the strength, perseverance, and faithfulness they found in the power of the Holy Spirit.  With the exception of Judas, these ordinary men trained for and carried out an extraordinary ministry.  The "Apostles of Jesus Christ" includes six/seven group Bible studies that will help fill in the details about these brave Men on a Mission!

Tremendous for youth Bible study, Church Bible Study, Home Bible Study, and Group Bible Studies!

(Written by Reynold R. Kremer, author of 24 Topical Insights group Bible studies and three books.) 

Click here for a "Matthew" Bible study sample lesson >

Click here for a "Thomas" Bible class sample lesson >

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