"Bible Class Assortment" Group Bible Class


  • Format: CD-ROM
  • Manufactured by: Kremer Resources LLC

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Age: Junior High-Adult

Excellent for Teen Bible Studies, Church Bible Study, Home Bible Study, and Group Bible Studies.

Number of Lessons: Twelve

View a Sample Group Bible Class, or Teen Bible Studies, Lesson Here >

These 12 exciting stand-alone group Bible class sessions, or teen Bible studies, are great
ways to fill in those unexpected gaps.  They include
interesting topics as well as fun group trivia.

1. Name the Bible Story
2. What Is a Cult?
3. The “I AMS” of Jesus
4. The Genealogy of Jesus
5. The Christian’s Role in Government
6. Bible Firsts
7. Islam: God & Allah
8. Is It in the Bible: Bible Cliches
9. The Canon
10. Bible Lists
11. What Is the Occult?
12. Bible Study: A Daily Planner

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