"Life Issues: What God Says" Teen Bible Class-Youth Bible Study


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Age: Junior High-Adult
Number of Lessons: Six

Tremendous for youth Bible study, classroom Bible studies, and teen Bible class!

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Today's society is becoming more and more at odds with God when dealing with things as sacred as life itself. To many, life is a disposable commodity that can be done away with when it becomes unmanageable or an inconvenient.

LIFE ISSUES presents a solid Christian approach to life and how it is to be treated. Now more than ever, we need to instill in our people the basics of what God says about His creation - mankind.
Youth Bible study lessons include:
1. A Look at Motive
2. What and When is Human Life
3. Life Protection Before Birth
4. Improving the Species: Genetic Engineering, Cloning, and Stem Cell Research
5. Care Near the End of Life
6. Making the Difference

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