"The Great Lie: Searching for Heaven on Earth" Bible Study


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Between 1700 and 1850 there arose an unusual phenomenon in our country: the search for Utopia! Over 100 communities sprang up claiming thousands of followers. Many of them were a result of the Pietist views of disenchanted Lutherans. It is likely that some of our own church members have visited the fascinating landmarks they left behind. This course takes a trip back in time to visit five of these communal societies, exposing the Great Lie that each of them claimed: A HEAVEN ON EARTH!

Age: Youth-Adult
Number of Lessons: Six

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A Trip into Utopia

Part 1: The Rise of Pietism
Part 2: The Ephrata Cloister Community of the Solitary (Pennsylvania)
Part 3: Zoar VillageThe Society of Separatists (Ohio)
Part 4: Oneida Community The Perfectionists (New York)
Part 5: Amana Colonies The Inspirationists (Iowa)
Part 6: The Shakers United Society of Believers in Christ’s Second Coming (Nineteen Communities)

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