Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Radical Reformers
Chapter 6: The Amish at Worship
The Reformation Climate and Martin Luther
  The Church District
The Swiss Reformation
  The Worship Service
Anabaptism Is Born
  The Singing
The Martyrs
  The Communion Service and Foot Washing
      Choosing Bishops, Ministers and Deacons
Chapter 2: Anabaptist Foundations
  Amish Divisions
A Change of Life
  Old Order Amish
The Schleitheim Articles
  New Order Amish
The Dordrecht Confession of Faith
  Beachy Amish
Methods of Evangelism
  Amish Mennonites
Chapter 3: A Home for the Hutterites
Chapter 7: Within the Amish Community
A Fascinating History
The Hutterite Life
Hutterite Worship
The Dining Hall
  Courtship and Dating
Hutterite Education
Hutterite Farming and Commerce
Hutterite Women
  The Grandpa House
Courtship and Marriage
The Hutterite Family
Chapter 8: Amish Traditions
Sports and Leisure
  Children's Clothes
Hutterite Dress
  Women's Wardrobe
Hutterites Today
  Clothing for Men
  Sewing and Quilting
Chapter 4: Menno Simons Takes Over
Mayhem at Muenster
  Barn Raisings
Menno Simons Takes Control
William Penn's Holy Experiment
  Amish Names
A Dangerous Journey
  The Horse and Buggy
The Mennonites Today
Old Order Mennonites
Chapter 9: An Amish Day
Moderate Mennonites
  A Day of Honest Housework
Main Body of the Mennonite Church
  Farming and Lunch-pail Work
The German Baptist Brethren
  Recreation and Relaxation
Chapter 5: Amish Riddles
  Folk Medicine
Jacob Ammann Disagrees
  Hospital Treatment
  Hereditary Diseases
The Ordnung
  Mental Illness
No Telephone
No Cars
No Electricity
Chapter 10: Personal Reflections
  It Seems So Good
  All Is Not as It Seems
  Problems with the Government
  Too Difficult to Discuss
  Never Certain of Salvation
  God Is a Gracious God
  Intimidation and Fear
  God is a Loving God
  Sharing with the Amish


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