"Real People" - Bible Meditations on 101 People of the Bible


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Author: Reynold R. Kremer
Paperback: 212 Pages
Publisher: Kremer Resources LLC
2013 Edition

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About "Real People"
The Bible is filled with fascinating people, each just as human as the rest of us. Old and young, rich and poor, leaders and followers, moral and depraved, these individuals were all placed into Scripture to teach us lessons about life. These Bible study meditations reflect the story of sin and salvation, life, death, mercy and grace.

Real People, written by author Reynold Kremer, presents 101 devotions on fascinating Bible people. Each devotion focuses on a lesson for saints and sinners today, from the famous:

ABRAHAM . . . The Man Who Was God’s Friend
ELISHA . . . The Man Who Saw Angels
NOAH . . . A Man of Ridicule
SAMSON . . . The Man Who Gambled and Lost

to the not so famous:

BARZILLAI . . . The Man Who Was Well Satisfied
BEZALEL . . . The Man Who Loved Art
JOANNA . . . The Follower
OG . . . The Man in the Iron Bed

to the infamous:

GEHAZI . . . The Man with One Too Many Errands
JEHOIAKIM . . . The Jewish Saddam
REHOBOAM . . . The Man Who Listened to Bad Advice
PONTIUS PILATE . . . The Man Who Couldn’t Find Truth

"Real People" Book Forward
I was brought up in a wonderful Christian home where Mom and Dad faithfully taught me the stories about famous Bible people.  From little on, I learned to look at these characters through different glasses than the people around me. I came to see them as amazing people who lived extraordinary lives. As a child, I saw them as super humans who stood on pedestals like statues meant to be revered.  Yet as I grew older, I began to see that those Bible heroes were just plain people, much like the rest of us.  Many of them were weak, fragile individuals who struggled daily with their own shortcomings as well as with the people around them. Many carried distasteful baggage that needed to be dealt with. Many lived in sin-infested societies and among dangerous enemies. To their eternal credit, many also displayed extraordinary faith and courage as they fought temptations, disappointments, physical problems, loneliness, discouragement, pain, and so much more.  Sadly, some of them gave in to the pressures of Satan while others stood strong in the battle until they received their crowns of righteousness.   

These meditations are intended to offer insight into the personal lives of the men, women, and children we find in the Bible.  Some of them were famous; some of them were not so famous; some were infamous.  As you move from page to page, you will meet a great cloud of witnesses who were carefully placed in Scripture to show us the way of salvation.

 “Since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” Hebrews 12:1

 Reynold R. Kremer

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