"Glorified" - About Death, Resurrection, and Eternal Life


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. . . MANY CHRISTIANS STILL HAVE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS. Authors Pastor George Ferch and Reynold Kremer searched the Scripture to find what God reveals about the end times. Glorified! is a topical Bible study covering the entire subject of death, judgment, signs of the end times, angels on judgment day, what happens to the soul when the body died, the book of life, heaven, hell, what will eternal life be like, will we see our friends, and much more. With this book the believer can find real joy and comfort discovering what God has planned for the day when his faithful are glorified. This is a Bible study book every Christian "young and old" should read.

"Finally! A thorough but manageable study of the end times. The authors have done the church a great service by presenting God's revelation about what his people can look forward to in eternity."

Joel L. Pless, PhD. Associate Professor of Theology, Wisconsin Lutheran College.

Table of Contents for "Glorified!"
Chapter 1: The Unknown Time of the End; Signs of the End; The Church in the End Times.

Chapter 2: The Resurrection; Our Glorified Bodies; The Book of Life.

Chapter 3: The Judgment.

Chapter 4: What Is Death?; The Certainty of Death; What about the Soul?

Chapter 5: The Christian's Hope; What Do We Do Now?; Christians Helping Other Christians.

Chapter 6: Saying Good-bye; Living Wills; Looking toward Jerusalem .

Chapter 7: Heaven: the Place of the Angels; Angels Serving God's Judgment; Angels at the Time of Death.

Chapter 8: Angels on Judgment Day; The Coming; The Gathering; The Dividing; The Casting; Angels in Eternity.

Chapter 9: The Term Hell; Where Is Hell?; Why Does Scripture Teach Us about Hell?

Chapter 10: Light and Darkness in Hell; Complete Separation from God; Weeping and Gnashing of Teeth; Degrees of Punishment.

Chapter 11: What is Heaven?; The Term Heaven; Where Is Heaven?; A Place of Glory; Why Does Scripture Teach about Heaven?

Chapter 12: Seeing the Face of God; In Heaven There Will Be No More . . .; A Place of Reward; What Will We Do in Heaven?

Chapter 13: Will We Be with Those We Love?; John's Vision of Heaven; The Tree of Life; Our Real Home.

Preface to "Glorified"
The butterfly is one of God's most beautiful creatures. The Creator gave us a special blessing in these multicolored beauties that gracefully flutter through the air. Their artistic designs are intricate, their colors brilliant, and their variations untold. Yet that beauty was not always there. Butterflies are not born that way. Their life journey begins as eggs that hatch into larvae, or caterpillars.

There is little beauty in these tiny slithering animals that crawl from plant to plant feasting on leaves. Yet after a while, a remarkable transformation, or metamorphosis, begins. At just the right moment, the caterpillar builds a chrysalis shell that hangs from a single twig. It appears quite lifeless. Yet something miraculous is taking place. Before long, wings are formed and a new animal emerges that bears no resemblance whatsoever to the former. We see the unfolding of the incredibly beautiful butterfly. Although it is still the same creature as before, the appearance is completely changed. The butterfly emerges as a new living creature of unparalleled beauty!

So it is with believers in Jesus Christ. We are born to earthly parents who pass down to us the sin and stain that began in Eden . Our lives are filled with toils, trials, and temptations. These blemishes are the outward scars that we inherit. They are the baggage we carry with us throughout our lives here on earth. And after our short time is over, our worn bodies die.

Yet the grave is not the end for God's people. God has promised that the same imperfect body will undergo a change, a metamorphosis. It will come back to life as a glorious body reflecting the image and glory of our Savior Jesus Christ. We will be GLORIFIED!

Christians know of the joys that await us in heaven. Death, judgment, resurrection, and eternal life are well taught from little on. One of the first prayers many children learn to pray says, "If I should die before I wake, I pray the Lord my soul to take." Yet many Christians are still filled with questions and concerns about a future they know so little about.

God in his mercy has given us many insights into what death, resurrection, the judgment, and eternal life will be like. In fact, he has disclosed just enough information in his Word to make us continue to want that future for ourselves, our loved ones, and everyone else.

The object of this study is twofold. First, we wanted to cover the entire spectrum of the last days and end times as thoroughly as possible. The over two-hundred selected Scripture passages are well-known to most, yet they take on far greater significance once they are laid side by side. Second, we felt that since the Bible contains such a wealth of evidence, we would let Scriptures tell the story. Thus we kept our comments to a minimum and recorded as much of Scripture as possible. Even then, many important passages were not included because of space.

Our prayer is that these pages will offer comfort, hope, and assurance to all believers. What a joy it is to share the truth that we know that our Redeemer lives and that one day we will behold him in person, face-to-face! Yes, we too will be truly GLORIFIED

Reverend George A. Ferch
Reynold R. Kremer

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