Amish book author Reynold Kremer provides his insights and thoughts on the Amish, Mennonite, and Hutterite community.


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Amish Insights by Reynold R. Kremer

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Categories: Amish Articles

WTKM 104.9 FM Amish Interview With Author Reynold Kremer - Hartford, Wisconsin

Listen to the entire Amish interview by Reynold Kremer by clicking the image below: more »


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Categories: Amish Articles

50 Bible Meditations on the Famous, Not So Famous, and Infamous

Kremer Publications has added a new product to this already popular 110 page "Real People" paperback book by Reynold Kremer. Now each of the 50 Bible study meditations includes a deeper insight into the session theme. Discussion questions and cross refe… more »


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Categories: Amish Articles

Taking a Stand

TAKING A STAND © 2012 Reynold R. Kremer STANDING UP FOR CHRISTIANITY “If you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name” (1 Peter 4:16.) In the many presentations I have given about the Amish, the question I am a… more »


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Education Like It Used to Be

EDUCATION LIKE IT USED TO BE © 2012 Reynold R. Kremer   Amish education has had only a brief history.  Compared to public education in the U.S., Amish schools are still in their infancy.  Up until the mid-1900’s most Amish children attended one room… more »
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Amish Worship

AMISH WORSHIP © 2012 Reynold R. Kremer   The Amish church is considered equal to or even more important than the Amish home.  From little on, Amish children are taught that there are but two purposes in life: to serve family and to serve church.  Ap… more »

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